Welcome to the site

I am a UK born wildlife photographer.

My photography is one way to share the passion I have for wildlife - I have been a wildlife addict since I was a small child and have been fortunate enough to visit many of the world's wild places to see nature in it's natural state. At present I live and work in Uganda.

It is important to note that none of these photographs have been taken in captivity, all are of wild animals, and that I take great care not to disturb animals or birds when I am photographing them.

Although like most photographers these days I use a digital camera to capture images, any post capture work on photographs is limited to contrast, exposure, cropping etc - those areas which used to be performed in darkrooms. Wildlife is - by its nature - untamed, and I do not believe in seeking to "perfect" nature artificially.

I hope you enjoy the images on this site and if you are interested in buying prints of these images please contact me.